5 Songs - Second half of September 2020

Here are a handful of songs that I am listening to this week.

For the last 10 days Portland has been covered in a dense (and hazardous) haze. All we can do is wait it out- these songs have a subdued feeling to them that makes that a sort of mindful proposition.

Kevin Volans - White Man Sleeps (the 3rd dance)

The way this song moves is so peculiar to me that I listen to it over and over again just out of curiosity and fascination. Its composed of five different movements, each with its own narrative feeling to it, but the third is by far the most interesting. The weird kind of mood about it is the perfect thing for mossy brick apartment buildings, deserted parks, and smokey Portland views.

Quelle Chris & Chris Keys - Sudden Death

The start of the fires also signaled the change of the seasons and this song has that fall chilliness about it.

Foxygen - No Destruction

This song makes me think of everyone else just kind of livin’ their lives as we float through this blurry time.

Public Eye - Neat Machines/Red Flag

This is a hold over from summer. Its catchy and relatable and I just love hearing it. Sonically, it reminds me that those energetic, sunny afternoons were not so long ago. Lyrically, theres a certain resentment in there thats comes with the grind of working with the public day in and day out, and a foreboding that things may get worse…

Tape Waves - So Fast

All of Tape Waves songs have a certain fogginess about them but this song has a little more drive to it. Makes me look forward to the stillness of autumn.